Brixton Tate Library Meeting 25th February

Posted on: 20th February, 2016 in Brixton Stories, Friends of the Tate Library

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Friends of Tate Library Brixton require support for the Library in many ways.We need to ensure all libraries are safe accessible spaces and ask Lambeth Council to assist the community to achieve this through adequate staffing and support. You are invited to our second public meeting, 25th February, 7pm at Brixton Library.Chair of Friends of Tate library Brixton
The recent Health and Well Being workshops showed us how much support is required. Vassall and Coldharbour Area Forum are focussing their pilot project on Health and Well Being and Libraries are ideal centres to achieve this. (See attached for the recent workshops held at Tate Library Brixton organised by Friends of the Library with Qui Gong tutor Andreas Demetriou and Anne Cooper Creative Writing.)
Susannah Barnes Head of Lambeth Libraries Alternative Plan to keep all ten libraries open is explained by Tori Sherwin of Minet Library on the Defend the 10 Lambeth Libraries website like this:
Replacing free Libraries with paid-for membership gyms is in no-ones interest. No child learnt to read in a gym, no older person found a friendly face to help with their information needs. We believe that closing libraries is a short-sighted and irresponsible plan; public libraries are an essential part of a functioning literate nation. This is an act of vandalism against the community, signalling the death of hope that anything can ever get better. Libraries change lives. Libraries are more than a material resource; they are the commitment of our community to its future. They express a faith in the power of shared imagination.Feb 6 flowers inez
Three of the libraries will become mini-gyms. A bookshelf in a gym is not a library.
There will be no staff to hold story and rhyme times, reading groups, homework clubs or offer advice on applying for jobs and benefits. Lambeth won’t only lose half its libraries. We will lose our dementia groups, our film clubs, our English conversation groups, our chess clubs, our coders clubs, our access to advice and information, our safe and neutral spaces for children to study. Lambeth Council is ripping the heart out of our communities.creative Writing x1
Friends of Tate Library Brixton SUPPORT THE ALTERNATIVE PLAN
There were public meetings in February on 4th and 25th 2016
You are invited to our second public meeting, 25th February, 7pm at Brixton Library.
Chair of Friends of Tate library BrixtonQui Gong Feb 17th x3