One of our pillar boxes is missing

Posted on: 3rd February, 2017 in News


In the Winter edition of the Brixton Society newsletter (delivered free to all members) the editor noted the historic Penfold letter box in Mervan Road, and then went on to note the Edward VIII letter box on Brixton Hill between St Saviour’s Road and Blenheim Gardens. These are seen to the right.

Finally he drew attention to the more contemporary rectangular letter box in Electric Avenue. This square pillar box is locally listed by Lambeth Planning with the comment “Square section ‘type G’ post box dating from early 1980s. David Mellor Design for Royal Mail”.

This letter box has though disappeared during the repaving works in Electric Avenue. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this listed piece of former local interest – we have scoured the net. The picture below, in which it looks somewhat the worse for wear, was taken by Mike Urban in March 2016 before the work on that part of Electric Avenue.

Ellie Cook of Lambeth’s Townscape Heritage Initiative commented that it had been decided to relocate this Wedgwood Benn era post box to Windrush Square, which actually sounds like a good idea.

Let us hope that this happens, though our heritage mid 20th centrury Mellor designed letter box might need some reconditioning.

Electric Lane etter box-march-2016-25
Images of Mervan Road and Brixton Hill pillar boxes by Mike Quinn (Wikimedia Commons), Electric Avenue letter box – Mike Urban (by permission)