Brixton Stories

Together with our friends from the Brixton Blog, we're currently meeting people from around Brixton and asking them to talk about their lives and experiences. The stories they tell will appear here over the coming months. If you or someone you know has an interesting memory of Brixton, we'd love to hear about it. please get in touch with us.

Brixton Stories


Posted on: 12th March, 2014 in Brixton Stories, News

Heir Hunters is a BBC television programme about companies which trace the heirs of people who have died without leaving a will. Last year the producers contacted the Brixton Society for help because they were researching someone known to have performed…

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Chapel interior poser

Posted on: 15th December, 2013 in Brixton Stories, News

A blow-up view of a church interior was puzzling visitors to the Brixton Society’s stall over the summer. The picture now turns out to be a scene inside the Gresham Baptist Chapel on the apex of the junction between Barrington…

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Was there a Brixton Village?

Posted on: 31st October, 2012 in Brixton Stories

We always try to have a stall at Lambeth Archives when they hold their Open Day, and we get an interesting selection of questions from people who are often attempting their own research. Our response to this one seemed worth wider circulation.

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Stop and search app

If you are prone to be stopped and searched:rate the experience.

Sails turning!

Brixton Windmill’s sails turn for the first time in over 50 years. By William Glanville

Snow in Brixton

Scenes of a snow-covered town centre and Brockwell Park

Bon Marché, 1877

Anita Roddick on the pioneering Bon Marché