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The Friends Group is a formally constituted sub-committee of the Brixton Society and a recognised voice for users of Tate Library Brixton. It has operated since 2010 representing the users of the Library as “Friends of Tate Library” through Lambeth’s consultations on the future of libraries in the Borough.

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Forthcoming events planned include:

In collaboration with Lambeth Council, 30 September 2016; 1-3pm; an environmental cleaning workshop in Windrush Square which extends the work done on the planters within the library railings.

Future meetings with the library managers planned to develop further links with the library

We meet with Friends of Lambeth Libraries and support the Lambeth library campaigns




Lambeth Library News The council has rejected an alternative plan put forward by its own head of libraries, which would save more money than the current plan while still keeping all 10 badly-needed libraries running.  The recent consultation was limited to users of two libraries, Durning and Tate South Lambeth, as to which would become a gym. The overwhelming response from both
groups was that they do not want a gym – they want a library.

FOLL says: “Lambeth has yet to disclose how much it spent on this
consultation. But users of Carnegie, Minet and Waterloo have spent
over a year telling it the same thing – for free, and in their
hundreds. They have been ignored.”

So far over 10,000 people have signed petitions, both online and in hard copy and many have written to the council and hundreds have turned out at council meetings and
local demonstrations. At present this leaves designated ‘Town Centre’ Libraries like Brixton in the position where their services and staff will be stretched. Friends of Tate Library Brixton continue to be informed and support Friends of Lambeth Libraries in their campaign to ensure a positive, inclusive Library service will be available to all our residents.
Friends groups are important in order to give a sense of what is possible (and what is not!). Help us be more active. Please join us.

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