Friends of Tate Library



Edwardian Tate Library, Brixton

The Friends Group is a formally constituted sub-committee of the Brixton Society and a recognised voice for users of Tate Library Brixton. It has operated since 2010 representing the users of the Library as “Friends of Tate Library” through Lambeth’s consultations on the future of libraries in the Borough.

News from Tate Library Brixton.
We had some Friends of Lambeth Libraries meeting over the spring/summer to keep us abreast of Lambeth council’s response to Culture 2020.
Friends of Tate Library have been actively involved in plans for a Lambeth-wide Fun Palace event on Saturday October 3rd. We are running a ‘Make a window box’ workshop and container display from 2-5pm Saturday 3rd. led by Joanna Spilman. Jane Duncan will be leading an Arts /Craft workshops for us. All day there will be activities including Father Nature’s milk float. Coding and science activities book readings etc.
October is Black History Month and there are a lot of events to be involved with.
We are linking to other organisations locally. To this end we met with Development Librarians and Managers at Brixton Tate Library to help them in their plans for environmental improvements to the library, to increase the local community’s sense of “Well-being”, on Windrush Square.
We also link to other Lambeth Library Friends groups. It is important to show some solidarity with other libraries in Lambeth, as Culture 2020 consultation results will impact on the future for all our local libraries. The Chairperson of Friends of Lambeth Libraries, Laura Swaffield, keeps us well informed. One constant debate is about the real meaning of Lambeth’s “co-operative council” structure. Lambeth has a new CE in post Sean Harris and Cllr. Jane Edbroke as Neighbourhood including Libraries Parks etc. is taking the lead. Lambeth Council’s Cabinet decisions are due and will impact on all our residents.
Friends groups are important in order to give a sense of what is possible (and what is not!). Help us be more active. Please join us.

To help us be more active