Friends of Tate Library


Edwardian Tate Library, Brixton

The Friends Group is a formally constituted sub-committee of the Brixton Society and a recognised voice for users of Tate Library Brixton. It has operated since 2010 representing the users of the Library as “Friends of Tate Library” through Lambeth’s consultations on the future of libraries in the Borough. This has involved attending large public meetings and several local meetings which have been held in the Tate Library Brixton.

It seems that one vision Lambeth have for the Tate Library Brixton is for it to become a “Town Centre Super Library”. Does this mean becoming a “Super Library” like the new, glossy, high street Clapham One, open 7 days a week; or will we rather see a small refurbishment with opening hours remaining or even being reduced? We are assured that the future is still open for discussion.

The Friends groups of the individual libraries across the borough meet together regularly as the Friends of Lambeth Libraries, with the next meeting planned for December in Tate Library Brixton.

The Friends of Tate Library Brixton need to have a strong voice representing the users of the Library, to ensure there is a proper plan for it which ensures both that Tate Library Brixton still functions as our local library and that the heritage of the site is not compromised. It needs to remain a safe environment, free to the local public, as was the intention of Tate when it was donated to the people of Brixton.