We help shape the future of Brixton by working to understand our history and built environment.

To do this we hold regular meetings, lead heritage walks, and produce publications about our local area. Our members come from all walks of life and all parts of Brixton, helping to enrich our discussions and campaigns.

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Memorial for fallen African and Caribbean service personnel

Posted on: 15th August, 2015 in News

The African and Caribbean Commonwealth War Memorial trust is applying for planning permission to site a memorial to fallen African and Caribbean service personnel on Windrush Square. The monument was already unveiled and used for the Remembrance Day ceremony on 11th…

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Lambeth Heritage Festival 2015

Posted on: 10th August, 2015 in News

The Lambeth Heritage Festival 2015 will run throughout September and throughout Lambeth. There are many events in and around Brixton. A full programme has been published by Lambeth Archives which will be available in Libraries and other outlets. A pdf…

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Atlantic Road / Brixton Station Road

Posted on: 5th February, 2015 in News

Network Rail has informed the various businesses occupying their railway arches between Popes Road and Brixton Road that they will soon be served with notice to leave so that the arches can be refurbished. Many of these are small family…

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Advertising planning application for LED hoarding on Prince of Wales

Posted on: 26th January, 2015 in News, Planning

The Brixton Society has objected to the application for a permanent LED lit advertising hoarding on the Prince of Wales Public House. Deadline for objections is today 26 January. Thank you to all who have posted objections. Our objection is…

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Electric Avenue past present and future

Posted on: 18th January, 2015 in Comment

The Brixton Society has for a couple of years produced a limited number of Christmas Cards based on Baron Corvo’s 1895 image of Electric Avenue in its prime. This picture shows how the electric lighting and cast iron frame glazed…

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Objection to COORs Light Ice Bar on Windrush Square

Posted on: 31st October, 2014 in Campaigns, Comment, News

The Brixton Society has today lodged an objection to the application for an alcohol licence for the Coors Light Ice Bar on Windrush Square from 12-18 December 2014. We feel that this application should be refused as the premises are…

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Reliance Arcade “at risk”

Posted on: 30th October, 2014 in Brixton Stories, Planning

English Heritage have added Brixton’s Reliance Arcade to the Heritage at Risk Register. They comment “Built 1923-5 by Andrews and Peascod of brick and concrete construction, this covered market is a straight narrow arcade running east-west from Electric Lane to…

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Lambeth Heritage Festival

Posted on: 20th July, 2014 in Brixton Stories, Events, News

The Lambeth Heritage Festival 2014 will take place across the borough throughout September. There are many events taking place in Brixton including ones organised by the Brixton Society, the London Mural Preservation Society and – opening in just a few…

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Loughborough Hall – the hidden history

Posted on: 13th July, 2014 in Brixton Stories

Nick Catford of the Disused Stations website recently asked Urban 75 for help on the history of the large building sandwiched between the Thameslink and Sevenoaks lines at Loughborough Junction. This is referred to in the 2013 Loughborough Junction Plan…

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Lost Brixton pubs

Posted on: 21st June, 2014 in Campaigns

Following the loss of the George IV on Brixton Hill (to Tesco Express) and the imminent closure of the Canterbury Arms in central Brixton, which is due to be demolished and replaced with a residential midi tower block, we have…

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Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting at 7pm on Thursday 9 June 2016, in the Vida Walsh Centre.

All members are welcome to attend.