About us

The Brixton Society is the amenity group covering the whole of the Brixton area, from Stockwell to the South Circular. Thus the Society covers a wide area of central Lambeth, not just the commercial town centre.

It aims to make Brixton a better place to live and work in, and to give local people a voice in what happens to their surroundings.

The Brixton Society is a registered charity (number 1058103).

We produce four newsletters a year, which are distributed to all members. The Executive Committee meets eight times a year, and the Brixton Society holds occasional open meetings on topics of interest to the local area. We monitor local planning applications and try to comment on all applications of significance

The Brixton Society hosts guided walks and runs stalls at local fairs, which help promote the Society and sell the only general history of Brixton. Local history talks are given to schools and we deal with a steady trickle of enquiries from students and family historians.

The Society plays an active part in several borough-wide and local organisations, including Lambeth Local History Forum, Brixton Neighbourhood Forum, and the Lambeth Parks and Green Spaces Forum. It is also a member of the London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies.