About Friends of Tate Library

The Friends of Tate Library Brixton is different from other Lambeth Library Friends groups, in that it is not a stand-alone organisation but operates as a sub-committee of the Brixton Society, which supports our activities in a variety of ways. The Chair and Membership Secretary of the Friends of  Tate Library Brixton (FofTLB) are members of the Brixton Society’s executive committee and also represent Tate Library Brixton at Friends of Lambeth Libraries (FoLL) meetings.

The Tate Library Brixton was listed in Culture 2020 as one of four town-centre libraries which would continue to provide a full council-run library service with existing opening hours, and continuing to supply the main reference enquiry service for the borough.

Friends of Tate Library Brixton play a full part in the Friends of Lambeth Libraries (FoLL), and work to support Lambeth Library management in improving the library services which Tate Library Brixton offers.

We work to promote and encourage library use by the community through: joint planning, and delivering with support, local events such as for example events as part of the Lambeth Heritage Festival, Fun Palaces, Community Days, taking part in Open Squares and Gardens, Greening the local environment and related Library events and exhibitions. Also fundraising for the Friends through Bazaars selling books, Bric a brac, plants etc.  FofTLB and FoWS were instrumental in getting the bins in Rushcroft Road moved to enable disabled access to both the Library and to the Square to be unrestricted.

Our “Local Heroes” project continues to run; find information here.

Past events include:

  • Community Day 2016 (FoWS and FofTLB) included : Environmental gardening workshop , installation and Creative Arts indoors, Author reading, Certitude Choir and Tai Chi demonstration, Gardening workshop with Joanna Spilman. These events occurred both in the Library and outside. A Friends of Windrush Square Boxing demonstration with ‘Dwaynomics ‘and stalls, including Brixton Society Consultation stalls from Nubian Jak from the African and Carribbean Trust (A&C ) and South Bank Mosaics with David Tothill.
  • Fun Palaces : 2015, 2016,2017, with commissioned Father Nature planter installation and craft workshop run by (FofTLB) artists
  • ‘Local Heroes’ Project 2017 (FofTLB and FOWS) T-shirt and badge making workshop January 2016. The workshops and displays will continue to build a Roll of Honour. A contact with Marcus Lipton Youth Centre has been initiated. ‘Local Heroes’ evening event and planned schools workshops, took place in September 2017 part of Lambeth Heritage Festival 2017.
  • Brixton Design Week September 16-24 2017 a display in Brixton Library.

Marilyn Rogers : Chair of Friends of Tate Library Brixton
Vivienne Lewis : Membership Secretary Friends of Tate Library Brixton/Brixton Society