Many's the local historian who likes nothing better than beavering away in the local archives, researching their chosen topic alone. That's perfectly fine for those who prefer to work alone (but we must hope that they publish the fruits of their labours). However, local history does not have to be a solitary pursuit. Projects involving groups of people have much to commend them. Different people can bring different perspectives and different skills to a project. It provides a way for people who have not undertaken local history research before to learn from more experienced researchers and, of course, "many hands make light work"; a group can cover more ground in a given time-frame than a lone researcher.

We hope to support projects by giving them publicity here. Do let us know about them, even if they are only at the planning stage.

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Local Heroes

This project aims to ensure that the Brixton community recognises and learns to appreciate individuals among us who, during their lifetime, served the community and still contribute through serving as role models for children and young people.

Began: September 2017
Continues indefinitely

Loughborough Road

This project will uncover the hidden stories of the people who have lived and worked on this south London street over the past 200 years.

Began: April 2018
Planned end: September 2019