Meetings – general information

Committee meetings are held monthly (except December, and below), on the second Thursday of the month. They are normally held at the Vida Walsh Centre, from 7-9pm. All members are welcome to attend. Please see our Walks/Events page for the next meeting date and to check venue.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society is held in June, on the second Thursday. All members are welcome to attend.

September Open Meeting – As part of the Lambeth Heritage Month held in September the Society holds an Open Meeting with speakers on local history topics.

To date we have hosted:

  • “Whose Remembrance?” on the role of colonial troops in WWI;
  • 40 years on – History of the Brixton Society;
  • Now you see it, Now you Don’t – Magic. The Lost buildings of Brixton;
  • Henry Tate and Brixton Library
  • Windrush Square
  • Markets, Megastructures,  and Motorways – exploring the 1969 Brixton Plan
  • Olive Morris House – Gone but not forgotten

See Events page for details of the current years planned events.