The Brixton Society monitors local planning applications and tries to comment on all applications of significance. This is because we believe our built environment has a huge role to play in how our community develops. Whether we have open spaces free for community use, whether there are enough schools in the area, and whether our market traders can continue to operate and grow their businesses – those are just some of the issues we have fought on in the past few years.

From the beginning of 2019, we are now publishing the more significant responses or comments we have made to planning applications or planning policy consultations. They are listed to the right of this page under Planning Responses. Clicking on any item will open a copy of our response for you to read.

We are often asked questions about planning matters. There is a page about Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

Brixton Society planning guidelines

We will:

  • seek to protect historic buildings, especially ‐ but not exclusively ‐ those listed nationally or locally and to protect the integrity of conservation areas;
  • oppose over‐development (i.e. development which local resources ‐ such as transport or schools ‐ cannot support, which shortfall cannot be made up by S106 agreements);
  • seek to protect the amenity of neighbours of any proposed development;
  • seek to protect and enhance employment generation, including generally opposing proposed changes of use from business to residential;
  • support high quality, energy efficient, sustainable developments which do not breach any of the above guidelines.

If you’re concerned about a planning application being made in the area, please get in touch with us.

Planning news

  • Pope’s Road Hondo Tower

    Pope’s Road Hondo Tower

    The news that the applicant has withdrawn this proposal has been widely reported and is very welcome indeed. The Brixton Society was one of many objectors to this totally inappropriate …


    Despite overwhelming objections, Lambeth’s planning committee gave unanimous approval to the Roper’s Walk planning application yesterday (23rd November). The image shows how out-of-keeping with the landscape the proposal is. It …
  • Pope’s Road Hondo Tower

    Pope’s Road Hondo Tower

    NEWS TODAY 1st MARCH 2021 The Mayor of London has called-in the Hondo Tower planning application. He will now decide whether of not to grant planning permission following a public …
  • Pope’s Road Hondo Tower

    Pope’s Road Hondo Tower

    Anyone interested in the future of Brixton no doubt knows by now that – despite opposition from the local MP, English Heritage, many local groups including the Brixton Society, and …
  • Pope’s Road Proposals – 2nd Update

    Pope’s Road Proposals – 2nd Update

    The developer, Hondo, has amended their planning application. There are 40 new documents, dated 14 July 2020, on the Lambeth website (HERE) amending the application (bringing the total to 156). …
  • Planning Queries

    Planning Queries

    We are frequently asked questions about planning matters. We have compiled a list of the most common questions together with some guidance and put that on a new Frequently Asked …
  • Shakespeare Road

    Shakespeare Road

    A developer is coming forward with proposals to redevelop the waste site in Shakespeare Road, known as the Shakespeare Wharf Waste Site. It would change from being a waste processing …
  • Advertising on Park Railings

    Advertising on Park Railings

    Lambeth council has made a large number of planning applications to install advertising boards on the railings of our parks and open spaces plus, in some places, a number of …
  • Somerleyton Road update

    Somerleyton Road update

    Archaeological work by Historic England is about to start in Somerleyton Road prior to building works. A copy of the “Written Scheme of Investigation” may be downloaded from here. This …
  • Quin & Axtens

    Quin & Axtens

    Our photograph shows the Quin & Axtens building before its 1926/7 rebuild. The “new” building was largely destroyed by wartime bombing in 1941. It was rebuilt from the remaining shell …