The Brixton Society monitors local planning applications and tries to comment on all applications of significance. This is because we believe our built environment has a huge role to play in how our community develops. Whether we have open spaces free for community use, whether there are enough schools in the area, and whether our market traders can continue to operate and grow their businesses – those are just some of the issues we have fought on in the past few years.

Brixton Society planning guidelines

We will:

  • seek to protect historic buildings, especially ‐ but not exclusively ‐ those listed nationally or locally and to protect the integrity of conservation areas;
  • oppose over‐development (i.e. development which local resources ‐ such as transport or schools ‐ cannot support, which shortfall cannot be made up by S106 agreements);
  • seek to protect the amenity of neighbours of any proposed development;
  • seek to protect and enhance employment generation, including generally opposing proposed changes of use from business to residential;
  • support high quality, energy efficient, sustainable developments which do not breach any of the above guidelines.

If you’re concerned about a planning application being made in the area, please get in touch with us.

Planning news