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Loughborough Road Histories: The stories of a south London street, Vol.1

by Tracey Gregory

This book explores the past of a south London Street in Lambeth. It brings together the first articles from the Loughborough Road Histories blog posted online between February and June 2020. The articles in the book are based on research carried out during the Loughborough Road Histories project.

Published 2021 A5 32pp with colour illustrations. Price £3.50

The Tate Library, Brixton

by Bill Linskey

The aim of this short book is to tell the story of how Brixton came to have the fine library it has had for over a century. It is in two parts, the first about Henry Tate: his life, work and philanthropy; the second focuses on how the library came about.

Published in 2018. A5 booklet, 32pp, illustrated. Price £2.50

Representing Brixton – the story of Brixton’s MPs

by Simon Adams

This book is an illustrated history of the MPs who have represented Brixton from when Brixton was part of the shire or county constituency of Surrey to the current day.

The author was a Brixton resident and a member of the Brixton Society.

Published in 2015. A5 booklet, 26pp, illustrated. Price £2.50

brixton markets book

Brixton Markets – A Heritage Walk

by Alan Piper and Diana and Bill Linskey

This book has been produced to supplement the monthly guided walks around the Brixton Market area led by members of the Brixton Society. It also works perfectly well as an introduction to the area for those who just want to sit and read or would like to know more about the area as they walk through the markets. The recommended route is shown on the map on the centre pages of the book.

If you are interested in a place on a guided walk please see full details here.

First published 2011. Second Edition 2014, reprinted with minor amendments 2016. A5 22 pages with illustrations. Price £2

Brixton and Stockwell in the (19th century) Mirror

Edited by Bill Linskey

Reproduction of articles from 1822 to 1836 on the treadmill at Brixton prison, the Stockwell Grammar School, and St Ann’s Society School, Brixton. 

A4 booklet, published in 2011, 12 pp, illustrated. Price £1.20

windrush square

Windrush Square, Brixton, London

by Alan Piper

A guide to the public open space in central Brixton opened in 2011 and its surroundings. A brief history of the Square and its main points of interest.

Published in 2011. A5 booklet, 20pp, illustrated. Price £1.00

brixton synagogue

The Brixton Synagogue, Brixton

by Norman Williamson and Peter Renton

An illustrated history of the Brixton Synagogue, Effra Road, which opened in 1913 and finally closed in 1981.

Published in 2008. A5 booklet, 20pp, illustrated. Price £2.49

Black British - a celebration

Black British – A Celebration

Edited by Norma Williamson

This book is a celebration of the contribution made to our national life by black British people. There are stories of people who have become famous as well as of “ordinary” people who have achieved extraordinary things. Produced to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.
Published in 2007. 104 pp A5 book with illustrations.
This book is no longer available in print. A pdf version is available to download for free here.

Brixton boy in WW2

A Brixton Boy in World War II

by Bill Joscelyne

This booklet tells the story of Bill Joscelyne who lived in Brixton and who, as a boy, was evacuated three times during the Second World War. This booklet tells you about his experiences both in and out of London during that difficult time for all Londoners.

Published 2006. 20 pages. A5 illustrated. Price £2.49

Brixton heritage trails

Brixton Heritage Trails

Six walks around Brixton and Stockwell. Be guided around the area as it is and as it was.

Published 2001 88pp A5 book illustrated. Price £1.50

Effra – Lambeth’s Underground River

by Ken Dixon

Not everybody in Lambeth realises that the borough has its own river. For about the last 120 years it has been flowing mainly underground, but before Lambeth became built-up the Effra used to run as an open stream.  This is its story.

Published 1993, reprinted 2011, 2015. A5. 28pp. Price £1.50

Brixton memories

Brixton Memories

Illustrated recollections of local life

The Brixton Society first published a booklet called "Brixton Memories" in 1989. This book reprints three of those original memories (those of Louisa Hill and Rose Cowell, and an updated memory of Tom Cowell) together with five newly collected ones. It also includes an intriguing paragraph from the Clapham Observer of 28 January 1882 and a chapter on the lost streets of the area.

About the compiler

The late Ken Dixon was the Brixton Society's archivist for many years. He wrote a number of books for the Society, including this one.

Published 1994; 52 pages A4; with 16 illustrations; Price £4.99

A History of Brixton

by Alan Piper

This is the only general history of Brixton. Tracing Brixton’s past from Saxon origins to Edwardian boom-town, right up to the cosmopolitan crossroads of modern times.

Published 1996,  reprinted 2008. 104pp book with many illustrations. Price £9.99